Attractive natural-looking teeth that enable you to eat and speak in a completely relaxed way. Implantology offers many advantages and these represent a major improvement in the quality of life. For teeth implants feel as though they are your own teeth.

Teeth implants -a good solution

They cannot slip or fall out and nobody knows the teeth are artificial. Because teeth implants sit firmly and securely, you can eat everything - from a crispy apple to hearty wholemeal bread. That is not possible with traditional prosthetics.
The medical benefit is also great: healthy neighbouring teeth do not have to be ground to anchor the replacement tooth. The tooth is simply replaced.

ImplantologyTooth implants can be used nowadays in most cases, for thanks to technically advanced systems, solutions are possible for almost all requirements.
 Dental intervention is no greater than surgical removal of a tooth.

Tooth implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth or even all the teeth.

The application options for implants are numerous. We can therefore also adjust very flexibly to the personal situation of each patient.

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A gap in the bite

Implantology can be applied in the case of a missing front or side tooth by means of implant-supported tooth replacement. There is no need for a removable partial prosthesis or a bridge. Healthy neighbouring teeth are thereby preserved.

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Several teeth next to one another

Even if several teeth next to one another are missing, they can be replaced by implant-supported artificial crowns. Either each missing tooth is replaced with an implant with an artificial crown, or a solution is selected with a bridge on some of the implants. The number of implants can therefore be reduced.

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Several molars missing

Implant restoration offers an alternative to removable partial prostheses here. We embed a fixed bridge into the artificial roots without the need for an inconvenient upper dental plate. The number of implants required depends on the size of the gap, the pressure and the anatomical conditions.

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Total tooth loss

Even where there is total tooth loss, implants can be put in as a safe buttress for tooth replacement. At our dental centre in Kronberg, we offer care with fixed or removable tooth replacement.


Perfection in the 3rd dimension – our modern 3D X-Ray images make it possible to fit implants perfectly into your periodontium


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3D X-ray

Tooth implants for every generation

No matter what age you are You can always suffer tooth loss. Whether through accidents, periodontal disease, periodontitis or decay. Tooth implants are a good alternative to traditional tooth prostheses - and are suitable at almost any age.

The only preconditions are that the patient is healthy and fully-grown. For tooth implants can only be put in after the jaw has finished growing. In the event that the bone substance is insufficient, there are options for building this up. The dentist can restore some quality of life in the shape of firm, attractive teeth.


Firm, attractive teeth mean quality of life. It is good that we can contribute to this with implantology.

Dr. Jürgen Sandner

Master of Oral Implantology
J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Certified specialists for implantology in Kronberg

We are a team of certified specialists in implantology (Master of Oral Implantology (MOI) from the J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Master of Periodontology and Implant Therapy of the German Society of Periodontology) and have more than 15 years’ experience in this relatively new area of dental medicine.


Master of Oral Implantology


If you decide on tooth implants we would like to ask for your help.
Prophylaxis is essential – before, during and after treatment.


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You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on implantology here.

As the dentist only carries out the procedure using anaesthesia (local anaesthetic, sedation or general anaesthetic if required), you will feel very little.

That depends on the various factors, such as the quality of the bone and the number of implants. Measures to build up the bone increase the costs. Therefore, it is only possible to give the cost once we have the results of the examination.

An implant may replace single, several or even all the teeth.

Thorough care of the tooth replacement is just as important as looking after your own teeth. You should also use the prophylactic range from our practice in Kronberg im Taunus.

Implantology at Kronberg im Taunus

Would you like to find out more about the options for implantology? We will be pleased to advise you at our practice in Kronberg im Taunus.