Are you stopping yourself from smiling or laughing because your teeth are crooked? This doesn’t have to be the case. Adult patients can also have their teeth straightened by the dentist. With HarmonieSchiene® splints from Orthos you can have your teeth made straight in just a few weeks. The removable and invisible teeth splint for adults is transparent, pliable and very pleasant to wear. And - it is barely noticeable.

Smile! Straight teeth – attractive smile

With HarmonieSchiene® splints from Orthos you can give full expression to your face once again. This modern way of correcting teeth is very simple and long-lasting. Several transparent individually produced teeth splints, so-called aligners, push the teeth into the desired position step by step. With teeth correction, you determine what will change and how your teeth should ultimately look. Incidentally, smaller teeth corrections only take a few weeks at our dental practice.


Good to know

HarmonieSchiene® splints from Orthos have been tried and tested for 15 years and have given around 26,000 patients a new smile up to now. HarmonieSchiene splints are exclusively manufactured in Germany and are guaranteed to be free of the softening agent bisphenol A.

HarmonieSchiene® –The advantages at a glance


The splints are not noticeable as they are transparent. They do not prevent you from talking or laughing.


You quickly become accustomed to the splint, as the aligners work on the teeth in small stages.


Harmonieschiene splints from Orthos are easy to remove before eating or cleaning your teeth

Easy care

Simply clean using your toothbrush and place in a glass of water.


With the HarmonieSchiene® splints only the individually required splints are made and the costs are calculated accordingly.

Step by step to a new smile

How does the treatment with HarmonieSchiene® splints at the dentist work? Very simply.


First, we send the impressions of your bite. The impressions go to the Orthos specialist laboratory. We then work together to identify the optimum position of your teeth, and the lab checks whether treatment with the splint is possible. You then receive a non-binding offer for treatment by the dentist. As soon as you have approved it, the lab makes the HarmonieSchienen® splint required. Now it is up to you: you wear the HarmonieSchienen splints all day, around the clock, except when eating or cleaning your teeth.

HarmonieSchiene® from Orthos bring you one step closer to your radiant smile.

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Do you have any questions on the topic of HarmonieSchiene® splints?

You will find answers here to the most frequently asked questions on Harmonieschiene splints. We are also pleased to advise our patients personally at the dental practice in Kronberg near Frankfurt.

The splints are ideally suited to treating gaps in the teeth and crowding of the front teeth, as well as for correcting turned or crooked teeth.

That depends on the misalignment of the teeth. In general, treatment by the dentist takes an average of 3 to 6 months.

Yes. It is important that you wear the aligner (retainer) for 24 hours, i.e. around the clock. You only remove the splints when eating or cleaning your teeth.

The HarmonieSchienen splints are made from medicinal PET (polyethylenterephthalate)/PU (polyurethane). The material is free from the softening agent bisphenol A (BPA).

The splints exert pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired position. At the start, there may be some pressure pain when you take the splints out or put them in. This dies down after a day or two.


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