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Mouth odour (halitosis) is a common problem and remains a taboo topic for many. Mouth odour can be easily treated, for in around 90 per cent of all cases, mouth odour originates in the oral cavity. Inflammation of the gums and coating of the tongue are among the causes of mouth odour. Your dentist should therefore be the first port of call for identifying and treating this.

What you can expect from a professional mouth odour consultation

In a professional halitosis consultation, we first of all talk to our patients in detail. We then measure the odour of the breath using a halimeter, and we examine the oral cavity of the patient to look for the cause of the halitosis. We check the fillings and crown margins and examine the teeth for decayed areas. We also analyse the tongue coating.

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Did you know that around 10% of all adults in Europe suffer from mouth odour (halitosis)?

Untersuchung Halitosis


Treatment follows diagnosis of the
condition. This may include, for example:

Untersuchung Halitosis

Cleaning removable tooth prostheses, which we may re-line if necessary

Halitosis Behandlung

Periodontitis treatment and professional teeth cleaning, if the causes of the mouth odour are in the area of the periodontium

Thorough cleaning and special mouthwash solutions can provide a remedy for mouth odour

Care tips for looking after your teeth at home. For example, we explain which mouthwash or tongue cleaner is suitable for treating mouth odour.


In many cases, professional teeth cleaning is a remedy for mouth odour.


More on the topic of teeth cleaning

Duration of the treatment for moth odour

Two to three sessions are usually required for professional halitosis therapy with the dentist, each lasting about an hour. What is important is that you follow the therapy consistently. This will provide a permanent solution to the malodorous problem of halitosis.

OUR ADVICEDon’t put it off. Make an appointment with us for a halitosis consultation. You are not alone when it comes to mouth odour, and our experienced team offers you support.

What you yourself can do to deal with mouth odour

Fresh breath is simply a good thing for those around you. In 90 per cent of all cases, bacteria are the cause of mouth odour. This is only to do with the stomach in fewer than 1% of cases. The cause of halitosis is associated with the ear, nose and throat area in 8-9% of cases.

Thorough mouth hygiene is important to wipe out the bacteria. Bacteria and the sulphurous gases that produce them gather on the tongue, on the gum line, and in bad fillings and crown margins.


tips for fresh breath

Do you have anyquestions on the topicof mouth odour?

You will find answers here for the most frequently asked questions on the topic of mouth odour (halitosis). We will be pleased to advise you personally at our dental practice in Kronberg im Taunus / Frankfurt.

In around 90% of cases, mouth odour has its origins in the oral cavity. Inflammation of the gums and coating of the tongue are among the causes of mouth odour. In fewer than 1% of cases, the cause is in the stomach, and in 8-9% of cases, in the ear, nose and throat area.

Your first port of call should be your dentist, who will give you advice during a special mouth odour consultation. For your halitosis treatment, we clean removable dental prostheses and treat you for periodontitis if necessary.

For a professional halitosis therapy, usually two or three sessions are required with the dentist, each of which lasts about an hour.

We recommend thorough mouth hygiene with regular tooth and tongue care. It is also important to drink plenty, for a dry mouth is one of the causes of halitosis and can lead to bad breath.

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