The most up-to-date dentistry and dental technology, combined with experience, specialist knowledge and a great deal of understanding for your concerns: you are in the best hands with us.

Our philosophy

How we stand out

The most up-to-date dental technology, and the best quality thanks to seamless treatment preparation and execution and continuous further training: We do everything we can for your dental health - with a great deal of commitment and empathy.

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Tooth preservation

The focal point of what we do is to preserve your masticatory system for life. Healthy, attractive and sound teeth make a great contribution to general health, quality of life and self-esteem. Our objective is to use our expertise to do everything to achieve this by working together with you.

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Our aspiration is to provide the highest quality in all areas: in treating our patients as well as the equipment we use and the comfort of our practice.

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We take the topic of sustainability very seriously, for example, we use products multiple times if possible, and our dental work extends far beyond the legal requirements. This also enables major material and energy savings.


Our patients give us a “very good” for our service.

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We take care of you personally. We also place importance on the small things: accessibility, recall offers and a pleasant atmosphere are part of this.

We are an experienced and highly motivated team and we all pull together.
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The history of the practice

We do everything for the good of the patients

Our practice in Kronberg is one of the most renowned, as we have been looking after the dental health of patients since 1980.

Our practice in Kronberg is one of the most renowned, as we have been looking after the dental health of patients since 1980. The history of the practice began in 1996 for us, when Dr Jürgen Sandner started at the practice as an assistant dentist. In 2003, he took over the practice from Dr Jürgen Schmidt. The latter had founded it in 1980 along with his wife and Dr Brigitte König-Toll. In 2008, we expanded the practice: we rented the premises jointly with the affiliated KFO practice. We could therefore offer treatment in seven rooms.

With the practice becoming very established, we extended it comprehensively in the years from 2011 to 2013. Since then, we have been working continuously on modernising our practice and creating a pleasant atmosphere for our patients. And we are very pleased to have such a brisk intake. This includes displaying temporary exhibitions and extending a warm welcome.


We believe it always about finding the most sustainable solution for our patients. Tooth preservation and the well-being of my patients are extremely important to me.

Dr. Jürgen Sandner

Owner of the practice and treating dentist

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Insights into ourmodern practice

What makes ourdental practice stand out

Dental clinic - more than a status

As we have our own dental clinic within the practice, we can also carry out operations, bone grafts and complex procedures.

More than 20 years’ experience

A dentist out of passion That’s the best way to describe it. Dr Jürgen Sandner has been looking after the dental health of his patients since 1996.

State-of-the art equipment

From digital volume tomography for 3D-X-ray procedures to CEREC treatment: Our practice is equipped with the latest technology - for the highest standard of treatments.

Medical care centre

In our dental centre, we combine all current and modern procedures in dentistry, for example, prosthetics, endodontics and function diagnostics.

Certified specialists

Thanks to our skilled team who undertake ongoing training, we are in a position to offer you the entire treatment spectrum of modern dental medicine.


There is always something going on at our dental centre in Kronberg: Previews, charity run and information events. It is always worth taking a look.

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