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Important documents

Medical history questionnaire for new patients

We request that you kindly bring with you
a completed medical history questionnaire for your first visit.

Questions andanswers

During pregnancy, it is particularly important for the expectant mother to have checks of the condition of their oral health carried out, as the health of the baby is directly associated with dental health. For example, periodontitis (inflammation of the gums or periodontium) increases the risk of premature birth 7-fold compared to women with healthy teeth. Due to hormonal changes in the mother, the risk of pregnancy gingivitis or periodontitis is considerably higher, and this should be checked thoroughly by the dentist. Professional cleaning should be carried out by the relevant specialist staff if necessary.

More than half of all children and young people in Europe have an accident involving their teeth before the age of 16. This happens at home, when doing sport or in their leisure time.

Such an accident usually occurs due to external force (a blow or fall), so that a tooth breaks, is badly loosened or is knocked out. The most important rules on how to behave are:
1. Keep calm
2. Stop the bleeding with gauze or a soft handkerchief
3. Consult a dentist

Loose or displaced teeth should not be pulled out, broken teeth should be placed in water, teeth that have come out, or fragments of teeth, should be placed in a tooth saver box (Dentosafe® from the chemist) or in cold long-life milk to take to the dentist. Accidents involving milk teeth must also be checked by the dentist, as damaging dental germs under the milk teeth may also be present in the remaining teeth.

With many types of sport, risks to the teeth and mouth area cannot be excluded, therefore ... We recommend ordering an individual sport splint for all sports which present a risk.

Studies with performance athletes show that after production of a sport splint using myocentric bite position identification, there is an increase in performance thanks to the sport splint, as the lower jaw is kept in a relaxed position and no muscular effort for supporting and holding apparatus is required to correct the lower jaw position.

For colleagues, partners andreferring colleagues

Dear Colleagues,

We are a team of highly-qualified dentists who are there to support you in special cases. We specialise in microscopic endodontics (root canal treatments), certified Msc. (Master of Science, Master course in postgraduate training) in the specialist areas of periodontology and implantology.

We would be pleased if you were to consider us as co-treating specialists for your patients, and if we were able to gain your trust as colleagues and partners. To ensure a procedure that is as smooth and straightforward as possible, we would ask you to register your patients in advance to avoid unnecessary waiting times. Please give your patients all the necessary documents and X-ray images, and do not hesitate to contact us personally with any questions. Should any questions arise with regard to the treatment, we will contact you immediately. We are available to speak with you at any time, or will be happy to call you back at short notice. The well-being of our patients is paramount for our team. We can only achieve this via discussion and mutual trust. You may also send us documents and questions in advance by e-mail. Emergency cases are treated at any time. The referred patient will only be treated in the context of the referral. We work according to the referral order.


We look forward to a good and cooperative working relationship with you. Mutual trust is very important to us in this respect.

Dr. Jürgen Sandner

owner and treating dentist